Our electrical and engine room services:

  • computer diagnostics;
  • full engine diagnostics (with an oscilloscope and a motor tester);
  • endoscopy of gasoline engines (checking the condition of cylinders, valves) without disassembling the engine;
  • check for depressurization of various vehicle systems with a smoke generator;
  • cleaning petrol injectors;
  • cleaning the interior heater radiator;
  • replacement of the heater radiator;
  • replacement of spark plugs and high-voltage wires;
  • cylinder head repair

and much more.

Price list for works (from 03.03.2021):

Spark plugs (4 pcs.) – replacementfrom 120 UAH
Candle wires set – replacementfrom 60 UAH
Headlights – adjustmentfrom 100 UAH
Computer diagnosticsfrom 150 UAH
Cleaning the injectorfrom 650 UAH
Complete engine diagnostics with an oscilloscopefrom 250 UAH
Gasoline engine endoscopyfrom 250 UAH
Depressurization test of different smoke generator systemsfrom 200 UAH
Replacing the heater radiatorfrom 2000 UAH
Stove cleaning500-800 UAH
Front optics bulb – replacementfrom 30 UAH
Tail light bulb – replacementfrom 20 UAH
Power window – replacementfrom 250 UAH

The cost of work depends on the car model and the complexity of the execution.