We are glad to welcome you to our updated, or rather a completely new site! Yes, the need to update it has arisen for a long time. And finally it happened! We are launching a new version of it.

The site was practically redesigned anew, taking into account the trends of today and of course your comments and wishes. We tried to make it not only useful for you, but also interesting, and we hope that you will be our active users and appreciate our efforts.

We think it will be appropriate if in this greeting we allow ourselves a little history about the creation and development of our service station.

The person who created our car service is probably familiar to many of you. This is one of its founders and permanent leader – Sergei Petrovich Frolov. Car service for him is not only a business, but also his favorite business, to which he gives all his time and soul.

We serviced the first car at our service station on January 17, 2000. Yes, we have been working for 21 years! And this, you see, is a solid time!

Of course, our formation and development was not easy. Difficulties and problems arose, but we are used to solving them. Therefore, today we can proudly say that during our work we have repaired more than 100 thousand cars and we already have our own client base. Mostly regular customers are served, and served for years and even families! And, if you are not yet our client, then we hope that you will become one in the near future.

We try to develop and keep up with the times.

In 2009, a major reconstruction of the service station was carried out and the equipment was updated 4 times. Each car mechanic in our car service has a professional, personal, complete set of tools. We have a large stock of spare tools. There is a warehouse of spare parts, hardware and consumables.

We have a stable team of true professionals. Many have been working for the second decade already, and there are those who have been working almost from the day of foundation. Our specialists regularly improve their qualifications. But the most important thing is that they are not just employees, but a real team, with which you can what is called “into the fire and into the water”!

STO “ETALON” today is:

  • multi-brand car service specializing in the repair of such car brands as: Mazda, Ford, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Nissan, Lexus, Toyota, Infiniti, Hyundai, KIA, Mitsubishi and others
  • quality service at the level of specialized dealerships

Experience, qualifications, honesty and decency are the main components of the success of a car service.

Be with us and we will not let you down!