The belts are responsible for the operation of the power steering, air conditioning compressor, generator and timing.
They need to be changed in time. The replacement interval is specified in the maintenance schedule for your vehicle. And also you need to regularly monitor their tension, do not allow cracks on them, and even more delamination.

A belt or roller that is not replaced in time entails costly repairs.

Price list for works (from 03.03.2021):

Engines protection – removal / installationfrom 50 UAH
Engines oil – replacementfrom 200-250 UAH
Gearbox oil – replacementfrom 200 UAH
Antifreeze in the cooling system – replacementfrom 250 UAH
Timing belt kit – replacementfrom 400 UAH
Alternator belt – replacementfrom 150 UAH
Brake fluid – replacementfrom 200 UAH
Power steering fluid – replacementfrom 200 UAH
Differential oil – replacementfrom 200 UAH
Replacing the thermostatfrom 250 UAH
Replacing the pump (water pump) when replacing the timing beltfrom 300 UAH

The cost of work depends on the car model and the complexity of the execution.