If you are uncomfortable storing tires at home, you can leave them with us.

You can be sure – they will not get lost and will not be confused with other similar ones.
We mark tire sets.
The administration will issue a receipt for the protection of tires with markings.
While you change the tires – we write a receipt.

We value your time.


From February 1, 2021, the cost of storing tires (4 pcs) for 1 month = 120 UAH. This is UAH 1440 per year.

But! There is an offer on how to save money with us.

If you pay one time for 1 year – 1200 UAH, the cost of storing tires for 1 month will be 100 UAH per month.
This is only 3.29 UAH per day for storing 4 wheels!