We will be happy to tell you about our camber/convergence.
The modern world is developing rapidly. And the car service does not stand still.
In December 2020, the traverse was replaced with a more modern one. It lifts not only ordinary cars, but also armored ones.
Since April 20, 2021, the Avtodata software has been updated. And the specialist has the opportunity to do camber / convergence on cars from 2021, inclusive, as at dealerships.


Camber/convergence is such an important element in the repair, like all others. It cannot be neglected.
Let’s figure it out 🤔 in simple words, what is the difference between camber and toe and what needs to be done before camber / toe.

Camber is the axis of the wheel plane perpendicular to the ground.
In other words, when the wheels are in a house, this is negative camber.
If on the contrary, it is positive.

Convergence is the axis of the wheel plane parallel to the ground. When toe is at zero, the wheels are facing straight.
With negative toe, the wheels are pointing in different directions, not parallel.
When positive, the wheels look at one point.

❗️❗️❗️However, you need to know that in some cases it is not possible to adjust the angles of inclination of the wheels: for example, if the geometry of the suspension or body has changed after an accident.
Then you will have to correct the geometry of the body and change the behavior of the parts.

⚠️ Sometimes a negative camber is specifically set – on, say, racing cars, which, although it increases rubber wear, provides better handling.

☝️And about the main thing, before the camber/convergence, you need to do the DIAGNOSTICS OF THE RUNNING.
Because if there is a backlash in the suspension parts, camber/convergence CANNOT be done. First you need to fix the malfunction, and only then check the angles of inclination and rotation of the wheels.


Price list for works (from 03.03.2021):

VAZ 2109 (without HBO), 2110from 300 UAH
Foreign cars (1 axle)from 250 UAH
Foreign cars (2 axles)from 400 UAH
Minibusesfrom 250 UAH
SUVs with adjustable front suspensionfrom 450 UAH
Check of corners of installation of wheelsfrom 150 UAH
Running diagnostics150 UAH
Removal / installation of motor protection60 UAH
Removal and installation of the caps fixed by wheel bolts50 UAH

The prices do not include additional operations that are not provided for by the technical process.