Chassis repair:
  • suspension diagnostics
  • replacement of shock absorbers and upper supports
  • replacement of silentblocks of all suspension bracket
  • replacement of front and rear bearings
  • replacement of hubs assembled with or without bearing
  • replacement of rods and stabilizer bushings
  • replacement of steering rods and tips
  • replacement of CV joint anthers
  • clutch replacement
  • replacement of timing kits
  • replacement of drive belts
  Replacement of oils and technical liquids:
  • oil change in the engine, transmission (automatic and manual)
  • filter replacement
  • replacement of antifreeze and brake fluid
  • computer diagnostics
  • complete engine diagnostics (oscilloscope and motor tester)
  • endoscopy of gasoline engines (checking the condition of cylinders, valves) without disassembling the engine
  • check for depressurization of various systems of the car by the smoke generator
  • cleaning of gasoline injectors
  • replacement of the heater oven and cleaning of the heater radiator
  • replacement of spark plugs and high-voltage wires
  • thermostat replacement
  • computer check of angles of collapse / convergence of cars from 2000 of release till 2021 inclusive!
  Tire fitting:
  • seasonal tire replacement
  • seasonal storage of tires (there is a promotion, see the section special offers)
  • repair of tires of any complexity
  • rolling of iron disks
  Car insurance:
  • registration of the policy in 7 minutes.