One hundred Etalon has a certificate of state metrological certification of stand №22-1366 dated July 30, 2010.

The dimmer is designed to properly scatter the headlight beam. It guarantees high-quality illumination of a roadway and roadside, and will provide protection against blinding of drivers of oncoming motor transport. For high-quality adjustment of light of headlights it is better to address to service station the Standard.

Control and adjustment of light of headlights and fog lights is carried out on the special stand Mod. Beta Art. 2066 / T / D / L, made by the well-known Italian brand “Tecnolux & Tecnoil S.r.l.”, which allows to obtain the correct light scattering of headlights, in accordance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

This stand allows you to check the low beam, high beam and light intensity of asymmetrical headlights, symmetrical headlights, headlights with a joint installation of low and high beam, separately adjust the high beam, including XENON.